Must-See Sights For an Unforgettable Romanian Road Trip

Nothing is comparable to traveling the open road and exploring through the countryside of the beautiful land of Romania. Whether you decide to plan a trip in advance or drive along wherever the wind blows you, it is the best idea to rent a car for the freedom to discover this magical country at your own pace. Romania is home to a number of UNESCO Heritage sites, ancient and medieval settlements, and often mythological scenery through its rolling hills. For an incredible road trip that you will never forget, do not miss these must-see unique sights that Romania has to offer.


Peles Castle Sinaia Romania

1. Peles Castle

Nestled within the Carpathian Mountains near Sinaia, Peles Castle is one of the most glorious sights to see in Romania. Within a short drive of the premier tourist site of Brasov, Pele’s Castle is home to undoubtedly the most breathtaking architecture in the country. It is literally a living work of art disguised as a palace. Although the exterior is magnificent, it is not even comparable to the opulent design of the interior. With a ticket for 5 LEU ($1.50 USD), you can have the freedom to tour the grand first floor and take pictures to capture lasting memories of the beauty of Pele’s Castle.

2. Prejmer Fortified Church

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prejmer Fortified Church is a stop that must be included on all itineraries to explore the lands of Romania. First built by Teutonic knights in 1212, it is the largest fortified church in all of southeastern Europe. Visiting the Prejmer Fortified Church, you will be able to wander through the bastions, drawbridges, and even the mysterious subterranean passageway.

Prejmer Fortified Church

Prejmer Fortified Church

Renowned for being impenetrable by enemy forces, you will be able to tour through the fortification to catch a glimpse of how life was like in the 272 rooms of the church.

3. Rasnov Fortress

Rasnov Fortress

Rasnov Fortress

Sitting atop a mountain overlooking the town of Rasnov, Rasnov Fortress offers some of the most awe-inspiring views of the Romanian countryside imaginable. Originally constructed in the 14th century, the fortress is a dramatic medieval stronghold that has a long history of protecting the residents of Rasnov from invasions from surrounding villages. In order to reach the fortress for an up-close view, you can climb up the steps from the square below, or ride up on the back of a tractor. Hidden behind the ancient walls, you can also visit a museum located within to see intriguing artifacts of Romanian history.

4. Black Church

Black Church Brasov

Black Church Brasov

Known for being the main landmark in Brasov, the Black Church is located just to the south of the Piata Sfatului. Built between 1383 and 1480, the Black Church is the largest Gothic church that is located between the cities of Vienna and Istanbul. It is well-known for its more than 120 magnificent Turkish rugs suspended from the church’s balconies and wooden grates in the floor for worshippers to drop coins through. Black Church is also home to the only Buchholz pipe organ preserved in its original form in the entire world.

Overall, one of the best features about Romania is that most of the country’s tourist attractions are all less than an hour from one another to make for the optimal road trip experience. For a small price each day, you and your travelling partners can easily afford the cost to rent a car and explore around the natural beauty of Romania as your heart pleases.

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